Working For

We believe in the power of an inclusive community.

To that end we’ve assembled an informal group of Rock Bay businesses to help raise the profile of our neighbourhood, while supporting the efforts of the Burnside Gorge Community Association. Spanning from Chatham Street along the Gorge to Harriet, bounded by Burnside East and Blanshard, Burnside Gorge is a diverse community with a unique mix of residences, business and industry – including all of Rock Bay.

Founded in 1991, BGCA provides high quality programs and services to children, youth, families and seniors in the Burnside Gorge neighbourhood and throughout Greater Victoria.  Programming includes: a range of childcare programs from ages 3.5 to 11, a range of community and school based youth and family services, housing and asset development support for youth and families, community recreation across the life span, special events, and a variety of community development initiatives to strengthen and beautify the neighbourhood.

Working for the BGCA, we’re providing a link to the City of Victoria to bring forward and address neighbourhood ideas and concerns within Rock Bay. If you would like to learn more about the Burnside Gorge Community Association, the programs they offer, or how you can get involved, please contact them directly at 250-388-5251 or by email at

Working WITH

An informal group of Rock Bay business community members

Our informal group is working together to raise the profile of our neighbourhood, while supporting the efforts of the Burnside Gorge Community Association. Our goal is to recognize the industrial value and rich heritage unique to our neighbourhood, while embracing the potential of increased community activity.

Through the development and execution of a creative marketing plan, our goal is to raise the profile of Rock Bay to include more positive consumer and cultural destinations throughout the calendar year. In addition, we will work to satisfy our community needs and wants by creating more positive activity on our streets, fundraising in support of the BGCA.

As a community-driven working group, we remain open to any and all feedback from our neighbouring community members – and hope to hear from you with your thoughts. Our current stakeholders include:

Board Member Burnside Gorge Community Association: Rock Bay since 1991. The BGCA provides a variety of community programming that supports families, the elderly, and transitional populations in Victoria.

The Number Creative: Rock Bay since 2003. A creative technology company helping design and deliver local brands and experiences.

Victoria Beer Society: Rock Bay Since 2013. Creating events and experiences that educate and celebrate diversity in craft beer.

Pizzeria Prima Strada: Rock Bay Since 2010. Making (and voted) the best pizza in Victoria 9 years in a row, committed to local community involvement around all 4 locations.

Gabriel Ross: Rock Bay since 1990. A recognized name for providing North American consumers access to original and authentic modern furniture, lighting, and home designs.

Fawcett Mattress: Rock Bay since 2014. All Fawcett mattresses are constructed with the most environmentally friendly materials on the market, lovingly handmade in Rock Bay.

Abeego: Rock Bay since 2008. The original beeswax food wrap, handmade in Rock Bay – delivered around the world.

Discovery Coffee: Rock Bay since 2019. From seed to cup, farming to roasting, Discovery Coffee beans are cared for every step of the way.

Driftwood Brewery: Rock Bay since 2008. Distinct and local, Driftwood Brewery creates a unique profile in every beer they make.

Hoyne Brewing Co.: Rock Bay since 2011. Committed to producing (and drinking) high quality, innovative craft beer.

Île Sauvage Brewing: Rock Bay since 2019. Brewing unique Belgian-style wild ales and sour beers to excite the palate. 

Russ Hay’s The Bicycle Shop: Rock bay since 1988. Helping everyone from the young to the young at heart enjoy the wonderful world of cycling.

Bows x Arrows Coffee Roasters: Rock Bay Since 2012. This collection of coffee professionals are doing right by the people who permit their livelihood, sharing exemplary coffee with friends, partners, and customers.

Working Culture Bread: Now open in Rock Bay! Making handmade, naturally leavened bread using local, organic ingredients with a full coffee program, treats, and a curated retail section.

This Rock Bay initiative is proudly supported by the following local business community members.